Made: Triangle Tray

Made: Triangle Tray
I have been a bit obsessed with geometric shapes especially after redoing my dining room table, here. I decided to create a triangle tray next. If you choose to make this yourself look for a lightweight tray with good bones. Mine was lighter than I would like, the wrong color and had great dovetail joints so I purchased it knowing that the negatives could easily be changed. 
Triangle Directions Triangle tray
step 1: sand tray 
step 2: clean tray and stain
step 3: tape and paint triangles (you will need quite a few coats)
step 4: use a polycrylic to finish the tray so that you can use it
Finished triangle tray
I really enjoy my new tray and really love the way it came out! Perfect for my living room table as somewhat of a catch-all. 

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  1. So cute!!! I love it with the succulents, perfect!

  2. eeep!!
    We have twin cactus AND succulent plants!! Seriously, they are probably related!
    I need that tray!!
    I still am lOVING your new blog!!

  3. Great idea! Love the look of your new blog. I had Savannah redo my blog too and she's just so awesome to work with! :D

  4. What a fun DIY! I definitely want to try that out.