Made: September Calendar

I got a bit fed up with my organizational abilities lately and decided that I needed to change things, or else! Being organized is so bad ass. I bought a bright blue mini binder and created a mini calendar.  Tabs, pocket folders, and lined paper abound. I'm a total dork, I know. 


Made: Studded Tote

Months and months back I purchased a scrap piece of army green leather at a flea market in NYC. I had held onto it for so long because I wanted to come up with the perfect project. I always have loved the look of color blocking in tote bags, so I decided to take it in a different direction with a diagonal cut. I used black duck canvas to sturdy up the leather on the outside and also lined it with it as well. I added a clasp to the inside to make the bag more functional. It ended up being a bit bigger than I intended, but it really holds a lot. If you would like to make your own check out this tutorial for a lined tote bag, it is my most favorite.
These were taken a couple weeks ago adventuring in an unexplored part of my town. Don't you love finding something new about a place that you thought was so dull? There is so much beauty and mystery in these quarries. This place haunts you and fills you with a sense of deep wonder for the world. 
 Thanks so much for reading!