Green DIY: Cardigan Bag

I have some clothing in bags that I no longer wear and I wanted to use an ill fitting cardigan and a scarf that I hadn't been able to style right quite yet.
1. button cardi & cut under armpit 2. pin the bottom 3. sew bottom & along buttoned up section 4. create straps from the scarf, cut out design & then use embroidery thread to attach design.
It is a little hard to tell in these pictures but I only sewed the straps to the bag and then tied them in a bow at the shoulder, which leaves room to adjust the strap for across the body or over the shoulder. I also added a button because the cardi material was pretty flimsy.
There you go! Just another green DIY! I have another one up my sleeve too, I just need to make it! 
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Green DIY Wrap Up

I got very inspired and made my own detachable peter pan collar via this tutorial..oh yea and I'm working on three more! haha. 

Here is one of them!

Please let me know if you have a green DIY that you would like to share! I would love to have you guest post on my blog! Also, I will be sharing my cardigan bag green DIY either later today or tomorrow! Thanks so much for stopping in!