"Two circles of light appeared at a distance through the living room window. We watched as they came closer, then as they turned away and parked at an angle. Two figures climbed out of the truck and stood in the beams of light, then went to work. For a long time, we just sat there, watching. Then the bulbs above us flicked on. The room burned white. I shielded my eyes. When I was finally able to pull my hands away, what struck me most was how colorful it all was, the palette infinite."

-Rachel of Elephantine

I just wanted to share with you this excerpt from a short story that Rachel of Elephantine makes per her usual Friday post. I'm deeply inspired by her blog and that she incorporates writing into it. I just recently tried to create my own short fictional story but scrapped both drafts. Sometime soon I will post my very own fiction and you will have to promise not to laugh. 



Made: Triangle Tray

Made: Triangle Tray
I have been a bit obsessed with geometric shapes especially after redoing my dining room table, here. I decided to create a triangle tray next. If you choose to make this yourself look for a lightweight tray with good bones. Mine was lighter than I would like, the wrong color and had great dovetail joints so I purchased it knowing that the negatives could easily be changed. 
Triangle Directions Triangle tray
step 1: sand tray 
step 2: clean tray and stain
step 3: tape and paint triangles (you will need quite a few coats)
step 4: use a polycrylic to finish the tray so that you can use it
Finished triangle tray
I really enjoy my new tray and really love the way it came out! Perfect for my living room table as somewhat of a catch-all. 

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It felt just like summer over the weekend.
Days of swimming, curly hair, and skin smelling of saltwater.
Epic matches of ping pong and four square in the rain.
I felt just like a kid and that's just what summers are for.

Welcome to the new blog!