DIY Leather Wallet

I made this little wallet because I just absolutely love leather and have a bit left over from other projects.
To make this leather wallet you will need:
-2 colors of leather
-an exacto knife
-sewing machin
Cut two pieces of leather, one larger piece in one color (brown) and one smaller piece (white)
Sew the smaller piece right sides together as shown.
Turn inside out and you already basically have a little pouch
Cut out a heart
Sew right side of heart to inside of your pouch
Be careful when cutting out your heart, pinch the leather (brown) in order to cut away from leather underneath. Use your exacto knife to get close enough to the edge of your seam.
Cut out a hole on the top flap and on the inside to attach your leather handle
Enjoy your sweet new leather wallet!

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Happy weekend!