MADE: Decisions

Sometimes making decisions is hard for me. But decision making when involving your own future should be selfish. What will make you the happiest?

I've made some tougher decisions this week about grad school and I feel really good about what I've decided.

Photo: //35mm photo by me/scanned/Over Atlantic City font//


MADE: 5 Minute Polka Dot Scrap Bin

Today I have a really quick craft for you. Have you ever been sewing and cutting scraps of fabric or thread and needed to get up to go throw it out? Pretty annoying. Well, I decided I wanted something small that could fit on my desk and decided to use this photo pencil holder. It really turned out so cute.
Heres what you'll need:
photo pencil cup holder ($3.00 at my local ocean state job lot)
template (aka the paper that came in the pencil holder)
cute tissue paper or paper
cat (optional)

Tape template to tissue paper, cut out, insert in cup, tape edges together and ta-da! Obviously you can use it to store pencils, crochet/knitting needles, or anything really!