Earlier this year I cleared out a space in the backyard, which was an incredibly overgrown garden and created 3 planter boxes with my father. I was skeptical about my green thumb as I had had no previous experience. I planted cucumbers, spinach (no luck there), lettuce, and carrots. I checked the garden yesterday and came away with four cucumbers and some very meager carrots. I've learned I need to thin out my carrots so that they can grow bigger and stronger. I accept that gardening is a learning process and let me tell you I've learned a lot in this first season. I was so elated to have grown something on my own and to have the ability to feed myself and those I love with what I grew.




I bought this crazy cat lady blazer at goodwill and set my mind on making a tote bag out of it...which has yet to be done but the fabric from it that I would not use needed a purpose. So I decided to make this remnant clutch. Use that fabric you've stashed away promising yourself that one day it would come to good use! Today is the day.
1. Cut out four pieces of fabric all the same size - 2 for outer clutch, 2 for inner clutch. Make sure the width is relative to your zipper and the length is dependent upon taste. I personally wanted a much longer clutch. It holds a lot!
2. Now take one side of your zipper and pin the outer and inner fabrics to it -making it like a zipper sandwich. Do the same for the other side of the zipper with the remaining inner and outer fabrics and sew one side at a time.
3. Pin the right sides of your clutch together all the way around, LEAVING your zipper halfway zipped AND leaving about a two inch gap at the bottom of your inner fabric (this will be to turn it inside out).
4. Sew your clutch all the way around, turn inside out, NOW sew up your two inch gap from the inner fabric. Stuff the inner fabric into the outer fabric. I added a little leather to the end of my zipper just for an extra touch.
Since I've made this clutch I use it all the time. I can fit my phone, wallet, toy camera and a few other goodies in there as well. If you have trouble creating this clutch because at one point I had a "huh?" moment, watch this video...it is super helpful. 

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MADE: New Kicks

A while ago I was looking through some DIY's and I found a few painted sneaker ones. I decided to do it for myself with k-mart kid shoes that fit my lady sized 8.5 feet, a few coats of Martha Stewart's multi-purpose paint and a pair of leather laces I found at the drugstore. 

Easy peasy new kicks!



My kitchen has a bit of a red theme throughout..not silly I went crazy with red but there's some red there. I decided I needed another dishtowel and wanted to print my own. Here is what I came up with:
 Step 1: Cut out your dishtowel by using one that you already own. I used a linen type cotton for my dishtowel because I believe it will be pretty sturdy for helping with kitchen messes or just to look cute!
Use Martha Stewart multi-surface paint...not sure why I haven't been buying this my entire life. Check out your one-dollar bins at Joanne's and Michael's...I came out with this cool wavy/chevron stamp.
Step 2: Start stamping. Be patient, I know that's very hard for the get it done now crafters as I am one of them, it will pay off. My stamps are all kind of hazy and not too distinct, I liked that and wanted to continue doing that. I used a paint brush to cover my stamp then I stamped it on my plate to get excess paint off then stamped it on the towel. Try to keep each stamp and row equidistant from each other, that makes the towel look much more polished.
Step 3: Double fold each side and sew close to the fold (this way when you wash it nothing will fray). And there you have it a basic dishtowel.

This week I made my good friend's bridal shower invitations, which I will have to share in the future. Sunday we leave for Maine and I'm very excited! 

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I'm embarrassed that I haven't featured the beautiful post that Savannah at Maiedae put together about  my new and most lovely blog design. I think I get so overwhelmed by how pretty my new blog is that I don't want to mess it up. Savannah is so talented as a blogger, graphic designer and juggler. She has a full time job yet still manages to be incredibly amazing at everything she does. I am very much indebted to her for making me so happy with this new space. Thanks a million times Savannah!                   Check out the full post here