Made: Hand Stamped Cushion

I have the cutest antique chair I scrounged from my great grandmother's basement before she moved. I never did anything to the chair itself as it is an incredible shape and a fine coat of off-white. I use this chair for sewing and wanted to change out my seat cover. 

You will need:

-paint (fabric or multi-purpose)
-measuring tape
-paint brush
-bed sheet (or inexpensive fabric)
-cushion for seat (I already had mine, my step dad cut mine out with a band saw)
-stamp (I made my own from an eraser from the dollar store)
-zipper (optional, if you can figure it out...I wasn't quite sure)
-tailor's chalk (optional or use regular chalk)

Step1:Use your cushion as template and trace around the outside of your cushion. Try to leave a half inch  for seam allowance. You will need a piece for the front, back and side. For the side: Measure the length around the entire cushion and the height with seam allowance.
Step 2: Practice with your stamp and figure out which paint you would like to use. I was not sure if I wanted a light paint or the dark black paint that I ended up going with. Then stamp your 3 pieces with a specific pattern in mind. As you can tell mine are not all the same pattern, I messed up but luckily enough you won't notice because you won't see the back pattern. 
Step 3:Pin and sew the top and side all the way around. Sew your side up. Then pin, leaving an opening for the cushion, and sew the bottom and side together. *Cutting triangles out of your corners will help when you flip it inside out. *Leaving the space on the bottom will hide your hand sewing. This all takes some maneuvering and it may be a bit imperfect due to the seam allowance, but it works!
If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow! Impressive! Looks great.

  2. This is great! I love the idea of hand-stamping.

  3. Ooh love this idea! And what a great way to recycle and add character to a piece you already own! Thanks so much for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com