Earlier this year I cleared out a space in the backyard, which was an incredibly overgrown garden and created 3 planter boxes with my father. I was skeptical about my green thumb as I had had no previous experience. I planted cucumbers, spinach (no luck there), lettuce, and carrots. I checked the garden yesterday and came away with four cucumbers and some very meager carrots. I've learned I need to thin out my carrots so that they can grow bigger and stronger. I accept that gardening is a learning process and let me tell you I've learned a lot in this first season. I was so elated to have grown something on my own and to have the ability to feed myself and those I love with what I grew.


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  1. This is something I hope to take on next year - and am very excited to do so. Congrats on growing something of your own - it must be such a rewarding feeling. Those cucumbers looks delicious! xx Marisa