DIY Leather Wallet

I made this little wallet because I just absolutely love leather and have a bit left over from other projects.
To make this leather wallet you will need:
-2 colors of leather
-an exacto knife
-sewing machin
Cut two pieces of leather, one larger piece in one color (brown) and one smaller piece (white)
Sew the smaller piece right sides together as shown.
Turn inside out and you already basically have a little pouch
Cut out a heart
Sew right side of heart to inside of your pouch
Be careful when cutting out your heart, pinch the leather (brown) in order to cut away from leather underneath. Use your exacto knife to get close enough to the edge of your seam.
Cut out a hole on the top flap and on the inside to attach your leather handle
Enjoy your sweet new leather wallet!

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Happy weekend!


  1. wow! This is amazing. I would never have thought to do that to make a wallet. so creative! happy weekend!

  2. This is fantastic! Your tutorials are wonderful :)

    I was just wondering, do you have any tips for sewing leather with the machine? Would I need a special needle... and thread tension...?

  3. You are amazingly talented Laurnie!

  4. Cute! I love this. Thanks so much for sharing. I enjoy your craftiness :)

  5. I envy your creativity and skills. I would not have come up with that in a million years! Adorable.

  6. @suki so glad you enjoyed! It kind of depends on the type of leather you get (if in my technical terms it feels "sticky"...I'm sure there is an actual term for that but that is the hardest leather to sew with. I've done it but it is absolutely dreadful because your sewing machine sticks to it.) Otherwise I use the needle my sewing machine came with and I believe I use a larger stitch because it can be hard to pull through your machine fast enough. But it also depends on the leather's thickness...this leather wasn't terribly thick so I was also alright. It was actually very easy! I hope that helps! :)

  7. holy crap lo that is the cutest hand wallet! it is super super cute! have you considered adding them to your shop?

  8. how totally cute is that darling creation?! Lo you really have worked some magic to spruce up some ordinary leather scraps. your chalkboard backdrop is a really good idea too. nice one! ♥

  9. Really, really cute idea! I love the cut out! Thanks for sharing!

  10. love this! so creative, both the wallet, and how you used a chalkboard as the backdrop!

  11. i adore this Lo! the little heart is the best part. i need to get some leather!

  12. Cool DIY!


  13. This is adorable! Thank you for sharing!

  14. LOVE your blog, you have some of the most creative ideas! This wallet is adorable!